The Game of Life

My eleven year old grandson plays a video game called “ ” with seemingly endless energy and enthusiasm. I wonder if someone couldn’t create a game where you go on a life journey where you discover certain clues and keys to assist you as “life” blows up all around you? You know like discover a verse, a book, a friend, or even a counselor that can be helpful when you are bullied, or feel lonely, or insecure, etc. You’d earn certain points for gaining insight, working out a problem, making a new friend, etc. Get the idea?


I wish real life were played more like my grandson plays his game. He has fun, he is challenged, he researches solutions, and he is invested. Today we have a lot of marriages, careers, and spiritual lives that the players have just “checked out.” They have given up the dream, the game, and the adventure and in despair simply quit or moved on to the next exciting thing.


One thing I’ve learned from watching my grandson play is that you can’t move to the “next level” until you’ve completed certain skills or collected enough tools. My grandson will try and try to get to that next level – moving over the same journey faster and faster…and finally getting past that stuck part.


Life can be a challenge and we will have set backs, start overs, get lost, fall, fail, run out of turns, etc. Keep making it fun, interesting, challenging, and most of all don’t quit, bail out, or move on. If you are unhappy in your marriage, or in your work, or if you are lonely, or troubled in your spiritual life (or the lack thereof)… fix it, get help, read a book, ask questions…stay invested. Play your game to the best of your ability.

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